Memorial Services

Help with Planning a Special Remembrance

Memorial Candles

Planning a memorial service for a loved one is a unique opportunity to express love and dedication in a significant and long-lasting way.

Services can be held in the chapels or community rooms of any Hope Hospice House. Our Spiritual Support Counselors can create an order of service to reflect your family’s wishes and customs.

Letters, poetry, music, scripture or meaningful readings can be incorporated into a customized service. We encourage families to include personalized items such as photos, videos, sports equipment, gardening tools, cookware, recipes, or any multitude of items that best describe the hobbies and interests of their loved one.

Our Memorial Service Volunteers are also available to assist families during this time. They will help to create and conduct a smooth and flawless memorial service that will leave a loving and lasting memory for family members and friends.

Please call (239) 489-9188 to find out more.