Comfort at Home

It’s normal to want to enjoy the comforts of home, especially when aging challenges or serious illness means that we aren’t feeling our best. You may want to be cozy in your own bed, have a pet by your side or have loved ones nearby. Familiar spaces are more comfortable, and small rituals like preparing the morning coffee or reading the paper can be soothing.

Organizations like Hope believe in “aging in place” – because we know that most people want to stay in their own homes. With the right care and support, more individuals will be able to remain independent.

Helping You Stay Safely at Home

  • Medical care may be provided directly in your own home
  • Professional caregivers can visit you throughout the day and night
  • Safe transportation helps you get to necessary appointments
  • Housekeepers may perform light cleaning to keep your home in good condition
  • Practical assistance helps you with day-to-day activities like showering or bathing
  • Hope staff can guide you on paperwork and financial matters
  • Counselors will talk to you about the challenges of illness or aging
  • Volunteers run errands, play card games or simply stop by for a visit

If you or a loved one are struggling to live safely at home, help may be available through one of Hope’s programs.

  • Hope Comfort Care - Individuals of all ages with serious illness, Lee county
  • Hope Connections - ages 60 and over, Hendry and Glades counties
  • Hope Hospice - Individuals facing end of life, all ages, Glades, Hendry and Lee counties
  • Hope PACE - ages 55 and older, Charlotte, Collier and Lee counties

Call us toll-free at (855) 454-3104 or start an online referral to see what options are available to you.