Hope Choices

If you are like millions of other Americans, you may be facing one of these difficult challenges:hope choices

  • Striving to remain independent, with minimal support from others
  • Taking care of a loved one who cannot get through the day alone

For nearly three decades we have helped thousands of people in our community to successfully face these challenges and live a better life. Hope Choices delivers all the care you need to the place where you live - your own residence or an Assisted Living Facility.

How We Care for You

We know that each person’s needs are different. We work with your caregiver to develop a unique and personal plan of care, which includes your preferences and choices. By signing the Care Plan, you will be assured of always receiving the care you have specifically requested. Your Care Plan may include:

  • Assistance with Everyday Living: Our Certified Nursing Assistants, also known as Home Health Aides, help with daily services such as bathing, dressing and light housekeeping.
  • Home Safety: Modifications such as ramps, shower bars and wider doorways may make your home safer and more comfortable.
  • Chores: Moving heavy furniture, tacking down carpets and other projects are done for you.
  • Companionship: When you don't want to be alone during the day, a member of your care team can be there with you, and for you.
  • Lunchtime: A warm meal can be delivered to your door.
  • Emergency Response: Your own personal alarm system will enable you to easily call for help whenever needed.
  • Care for the Caregiver: We prepare the caregiver by providing special training and education. We give the caregiver time for relaxation, shopping and other necessary activities.
  • Flexibility: Your Care Plan will be reviewed often, and will be adjusted as your needs change. Our support will continue if you are hospitalized, go to a Skilled Nursing Facility in our network or need outpatient therapy.
  • Assisted Living Facilities: In some cases, you may receive financial assistance to help cover the costs associated with Assisted Living Facility care.
  • Medicare Co-pay and Deductible: Hope Choices covers your Medicare co-pay and deductible for hospital stays, Skilled Nursing Facilities, physician visits and outpatient physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy.
  • Medical Supplies: Gloves, bandages, adult diapers and other items are provided.
  • Additional Coverage: Limited additional support is available for expenses such as eyeglasses, hearing aids and special dental care.

Let Us Help You

Hope Choices is a local, not-for-profit organization. Our care team members live in the communities we serve. When you need additional resources, we know where to turn.

The CARES team (Comprehensive Assessment Review and Evaluation for Long-Term Care Services) is part of the Florida Department of Elder Affairs. They will determine if you are eligible for Hope Choices and will help you to enroll. You may contact the CARES team at (239) 278-7210.


You may be eligible for Hope Choices services if you are

  • 65 years of age or older
  •  eligible for Medicare Parts A & B and Medicaid eligible at the Institutional Care Program level
  •  determined by the CARES team to be at risk of nursing home placement
  •  determined by the CARES team to be a person who can be safely served with home and community-based services

You will NOT be eligible for Hope Choices services if you are:

  • residing in a state hospital, correctional institution, or intermediate care facility for people with developmental disabilities
  •  participating or enrolled in another Medicaid waiver project
  •  served by the Florida Assertive Community Treatment Team
  •  enrolled in another Medicaid long-term care program

To enroll, contact the CARES team at 239-278-7210.

Hope Choices is accredited by URAC.