Hospice Services

hospice readingExceptional Medical Care
Physicians, nurses and pharmacists control pain and manage symptoms, supply medications, monitor drug interactions and provide medical supplies and equipment. Medical options will be discussed with you – allowing you, or your loved one, to determine your preferred course of care.

Personal Care

Personal Care Specialists help with daily activities such as bathing, dental care and other elements of personal hygiene.

Homemakers will provide light housekeeping to keep the environment safe and comfortable.

Insurance and Planning
Navigating financial matters can cause tremendous stress at this time. Social Workers will help you with insurance paperwork and other complex financial matters. They will also discuss decisions regarding future medical care, a living will, choosing a healthcare surrogate and organ donation. Hope’s counselors will also determine if you, or your loved one, are eligible for community support such government assistance, military resources, transportation or volunteer support.      

Spiritual and Emotional Support
At Hope, we provide chaplains and counselors to address spiritual and emotional issues, regardless of faith. With their support, you can find peace and comfort when it matters most.

Volunteer Support
Hope’s Volunteers are available to help with a variety of services from personal errands to transportation and emotional support. These compassionate individuals often lend a hand with day-to-day tasks so caregivers can spend time with their loved ones.

For the Caregiver - Hope Provides:

Education to keep caregivers informed about a loved one’s care, medications and what to expect.

Respite Stays to provide temporary care for loved ones. Space can be reserved in a Hope Hospice House or Care Center for a specific length of time.

Professional Grief Counseling and Support is available to caregivers and their families at any time – before, during and after Hope cares for your loved one.

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