Hope at Work

Resources for Businesses and Organizations: Employee Well-being and Peace of Mind

Hope at WorkFor generations, Hope has been a safety net for the community. Our professional counselors have helped thousands of people and businesses through every emotional circumstance, in a variety of work settings. 

Losing a loved one or co-worker can be devastating. Hope counselors understand the sadness and sense of loss that follows the death of a co-worker or loved one, and how it can affect day-to-day activities. They can help in the management of overwhelming emotions that can occur following a serious workplace accident or incident of violence. Support groups and individual counseling sessions can be an effective way to address issues related to grief and trauma. 

If your employee is caring for a frail or ill loved one, balancing work and personal life can be a real struggle. Hope can help you both manage effectively. 

Serious Illness
The diagnosis and treatment of a serious illness can affect every aspect of life. Hope can help manage the challenges ahead through one of our many programs.

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